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Six towers-a really cool game, up until the newest update, but still cool either way!

I’d like to start by thanking the developer for making such a challenging puzzle game! I really enjoyed the design before this new update on the towers and I feel the blues were very easy to distinguish! I’m disappointed with the design choice on the newest update. I think it could really hook me again, if you change the background at the very least. I really liked the jungle vibe I got before this new update, but now, it’s like I’m staring at a brick wall. I’d really appreciate it if you could restore the old design before this new update! Thank you

Where are the solutions?

Played for years...paid $2.99 for solutions. Now they are gone. Update is new looking bricks? What a stupid update! Then there is a button of the top 20. Of this game? No! Some other game they want you to pay for! Why not the fastest 20 times to solve these puzzles! Love the game...HATE the updates! Not even worth 1 star now!

Six Towers HD

Haven't been able to play this game since Friday or Saturday. It's stuck on the last game I played. Have tried to redownload, but that hasn't worked either. Help!!!

Bad, Really Bad ...

Wow, talk about a death wish. This game was terrific for years and my wife and I played it daily. Now after two "updates" it's pure garbage. How/why can you take something so good and self-destruct it into trash?


I paid for this game TWICE - to remove ads and to access solutions. The ads kept on popping up, but at least there were solutions. I played it daily. The new update has erased all trace of my account. There is no way to get rid of ads and there are no solutions. I was so frustrated that I deleted it. I want my money back.

Aren't updates supposed to be an improvement?

I LOVED this game. I played the Daily Challenge daily. I even bought the expanded version. After playing your updated version, I deleted it. The play was no longer smooth, but choppy. The new graphics are ugly. PLEASE go back to the original version.

New look is awful!

I'm mildly obsessed with this game. But the latest update changed the entire look to some kind of jungle/tropical theme, and I hate it. I'm really disappointed in this change.


What just happened? We went from a city scape to a prehistoric era in the matter of 2 updates. Anyway, i cant read the menus because the foreground scenery is in the way. I also dont know what any of the buttons do without clicking them. The towers this update are alright.

Another Disappointment

I got excited to see there was a new update, as the last one completely ruined the game for me. Based on the negative reviews after that update, I assumed they would improve the look of the app, and make what used to be one of my favorite games fun to play again. ( I quit playing entirely after the last update.) They didn't. Once again, it looks as if it was designed for very small children, and the blue colors are still difficult to differentiate. I don't know what the developers were trying to accomplish, but the end result looks extremely juvenile. If they could just return to the original design with crisp rectangular blocks, and clear vibrant colors I would give it 5 stars. I can't believe such a seemingly small change makes such a difference, but it does.


Anyone else notice the icon looks like it flipping me the bird?


I have to echo the other reviews. This update is terrible. I want it to go back to the previous version!

Steeling customer's money

With the new update, the developer does not give any option for recovering previous in-app purchases. You have ads back and you can't view best solutions. Apple needs to protect us from this type of developers.

Bring back old app

Worst upgrade ever. Bad colors, harder to place blocks, solved puzzle not recognizing, nothing good to say - bring back old app!

Update is Sooo bad!

I loved this game and played it regularly. With the update, I don't play at all. The numbers and colors are a blur and there are too many other distractions. At least we should be given the option of using the old graphics if we want.

New version ruined a good game

-giving me the finger? Same to you. -colors too similar -sizes hard to judge because of shape of pieces -moving pieces requires precise drop -combining the "finger" with misspelled country name (Wells?) and "pair" for par, heavy Soviet-era imagery says the designer is going out of his way to ruin the app Don't update to this downgrade.

Worst version yet.

I used to play Towers a lot. Each new version has been less enjoyable. When I tried this newest version I deleted it. No more towers unless I can download older versions.

Worst update ever

The new update takes the fun out of the game. Looks terrible runs slow

Why did I update?!

I hate this new game since I updated. Wish I could go back to the old version that I loved.

Most disappointing update ever

This is one of my longest standing apps that I've had and now I just want to delete the game. I wish I could undo the update. Completely different design with colors too similar that get confusing. The worst part is how slow it is. I used to be able to click on blocks as fast as ~3 moves/second and now I have to wait for the game to catch up to my taps and only lets me have about ~1 move/second. The ads never even bothered me before because they were so fast to click out of anyways. PLEASE BRING BACK THE OLD VERSION. Seriously, I'm really sad and want the old one back. If they don't switch it back soon I will be deleting the app.


New version is a mess and the new logo looks like someone is giving you the finger...deleted it.

No! No! No!

This has been one of my daily puzzle apps for years. However, the new design is simply awful. I don't think I'll play it ever again unless another update comes out with a re-redesign...

Don't like it

I do not like the new look of the game.

What Happened To My Six Towers?

I HATE this new version! I would rather have the ads than this stupid looking game! I can't find the daily challenge? What happened to that? Give me back the old version or at least allow those who want to to use the old version. This version looks like a little kid game!

A classic fun game but the 'resign' is not only but distracting

A new look was released today and all I can say is that it's terrible. From a simple clean design it's now cartoony and very distracting making it difficult to play. If this is the way it had originally looked I'd have never installed it.

Ad removal

I bought this several years ago, paying for the ad-free version. Then it was changed, and the a noxious ads began. Now, in " shop" it checks for previous purchase, finds the purchase and then says that the ads will be removed. They have not been. Get with it, developer. Or is this just another Russian scam?

Was good until updates..

Was a great game, but now you force me to watch videos and burn my data. I spent money on this app long ago purchasing the million towers and am still forced to watch ads...

Can't play music

This app immediately closes any music you're playing through iTunes. So annoying! Love this game, but without my music, it gets very boring very fast.


Loved it until the ads started recently. I had learned to tolerate the blocking ads since u could shut them down but the new ads force u to watch a 30 sec film. No way out. Then they freeze the whole app. I was a long term player but no more. I'll check back in a few weeks to see if u prefer ur clients to ur advertisers. Sad to see this.

Great game - I hate the ads!

I hate the ads popping up all the time. I paid to have the ads removed, but they still come up. I particularly hate the ad videos that you can't stop! I have the game sound off, but these ad videos have sound on. This is a problem. If this is not fixed soon, I will stop playing this game!

Great Puzzle Game

Look forward to playing the daily puzzles every morning—gets the brain juices flowing.

New graphics are horrible

Well this last update on 2/15 changed the graphics so bad that i thought there was something wrong with my ipad and rebooted it. Graphics were still bad so i uninstalled and re-installed the game. Still looked horrible so i look and notice there was an update today that has "new graphics". Really? Taking a step back to the 80's. Looks like crap. Please clean it up and bring the old tiles back...or at least an option to pick which ones. Seriously, it makes the game more difficult to play.

Great game but......

Love this game, but the in-app purchases don't work right.... Especially after upgrading my iPhone from a 5s to a 6. It no longer recognizes any previous in-app purchases! Also... On the 50 States.....3 of them cannot be solved in the alloyed number to get 'gold'. Tennessee and Utah can't be done in the amount listed.... Not even by the 'automatic answer' purchase that I had on the other phone. No way to contact customer service. Ugh

Daily Puzzles

The daily puzzles have actually stopped working at this point. I look forward to playing these every day. A bit of a disappointment.

The game is not working

Hi to whom it may concern this game is addictive but it not working please fix it ASAP.

Decent game, unreliable developer

This is a decent game, and I do the three daily cup puzzles pretty religiously. Over the last few months, however, the developer hasn't been updating these daily puzzles on a regular basis; in fact, it's been two days since they were last updated. I'm very close to just deleting the app to make room for apps that are supported by their respective developers. It's also really annoying that the support link in the App Store takes users to a site in what appears to be Russian with no option for other languages. As if that isn't irritating enough, after navigating in Russian, I took the time to compose a message to support only to get a response that this "service is not available" (ironically, in English). I really dislike developers who can't be bothered to support their apps.

Too Many Ads! Don't buy!

I used to love this game, in fact it was one of my favorites. Now I can't stand to play it. Ads after every game?! And you have to hit the close button just right or you're redirected. Also, you get stuck "loading" a stupid ad and you can't play at all. If it doesn't get fixed, I'll never play it again.

Stop the "Ad"ness!!!

If a person PAYS to stop the ads, one would think the ads would STOP! Quit taking our money under false pretenses and make this right. If you can make such a great app (and I do love playing), you know how to make the ads quit popping up. Shame on you for choosing not to!

Ads in Paid version

Must say I'm very disappointed see ads in my paid version. It's one thing to display ads at the bottom of the screen ( which is also annoying), but now a popup ad after every game. Thanks for the loyalty to those you paid for the app.


Why is your icon flipping me off?

Ads after I've paid?!?

The latest update adds advertisements that pop up after a level is completed. This is after I paid the upgrade to remove ads! Bad move to irritate customers.

What is this?!

How was it 64.99 on sale?!

Love it!

I love, love, love this game. It is very addicting. It makes the time go by so quickly. Thanks!

Latest update has fuzzy blocks

The latest updated says that it introduced a new block design. Unfortunately, this new design appears very fuzzy on my iPad2/iOS6.1.3. Please fix the fuzzy blocks - it hurts the eyes to look at them.

Out of focus

The update has made the blocks out of focus. Please fix it!

Blurry blocks

Love the game, but the latest blocks appear blurry to me. Please fix soon.


Sooooo disappointed that this update has NOT worked. I can not even get it load. It was one of my favorites, please get it fixed!


I play this game all the time and after downloading the update, it won't play any more! Please fix this problem!!!

Crashes upon opening

Crashes every time since the recent update.


What happened??? This is one of my daily routines!! Missss it very much. I believe that I had paid for it!!

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